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Alicia the student of music. Old Newscasters: Brad – just click for source tour “Chuck Surloin”. Colin co-anchor – kid showing off in class, Wayne sports presenter “Frank Clamchowder – teenager who can’t believe he’s being dumped, Ryan game “Al Nino” – getting old and younger.

In Scenes from a Hat, the audience writes down ideas for the The best parts of “​Whose Line Is It Anyway,” aside from never knowing what a In a skit called Let’s Make a Date, Williams is on a dating show, trying to By viewing our video content, you are accepting the terms of our Video Services Policy.

Whose Line Is It Anyway? Aisha Tyler , who takes the hosting reins from Drew Carey , fills us in on the upcoming antics. TV Guide Magazine: What do you bring that’s new or different as host? Aisha Tyler: Well, more girlness and more blackness. I’m going to bring my own sensibility. Will you introduce any instant classics on the reboot? Tyler: There are a bunch of new games, including one that is absolutely my favorite, but I can’t tell you. There’s gotta be some surprises! TV Guide Magazine: The show also has a celebrity participant each week.

Were there any standouts? That was a real shock just in terms of how game she was. She’s a singer!

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

A couple of comics riding on top of a guest star, pretending to be a toboggan? Or Wayne Brady making up random lyrics to a song, belting it out like a gospel performer? Returning as cast regulars are Wayne Brady, Ryan Stiles, and Colin Mochrie — three talented, off-the-top-of-their-heads performers. Each week, a rotating fourth improv member and a special guest star join the cast on stage.

“Hats”: Greg & Wayne play against Colin & Ryan in the World’s Worst Dating Service Video. “Greatest Hits”: Colin & Ryan are selling Songs of Accounting.

Or an astronaut with an alien inside him? And what would a newscast be like if the anchors were smart-aleck school kids showing off in class? Join Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Wayne Brady and other stars in one hilariously hot-wired situation after another from 2 delicious discs worth of the complete, first 10 episodes of Season One, plus Uncensored, Adult Versions of the Special Features. It’s daring. It’s delirious. It’s comedy without a net. There is, however, a website: whoselineisitanywaydvd.

Volume 2 Make it up.

CW Orders a Second Season of ‘WHOSE LINE’

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And the points that Carey would award them at the end of a segment were meaningless. There were no prizes or money at stake. And yet, over a decade after the original American incarnation of the show on ABC was cancelled, one brave soul has gone back to find out who was awarded the most points, and thus truly won, the first eight seasons of Whose Line? In the exhaustive video below, YouTube user 12Medbe Network has collected each and every instance of Drew Carey awarding points to the cast of Whose Line?

Not only is it a fun trip down memory lane for fans of the show, but it also gives us the answer to a question no one has been asking: Who really won? At the end of a segment, Carey would often give everyone 1, points as a matter of course. But occasionally, he would spice things up a bit and randomly award a half a point, 10, points or more than a million points.

The end of the video shows the total point tally for each and every guest that ever appeared on the show, along with other people and groups who received points the camera crew, the audience, Canada, etc. Unsurprisingly, Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles — the two guests who appeared on virtually every episode — sit at the top of the list with over one trillion points a piece. Here are the rest of the top 10 points recipients of the first eight seasons of Whose Line?

‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’—Where Everything Is Made Up & The Points Don’t Matter

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Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Fairy Toonz. Dequan Luke. Humanity At its show. Hats with to all the Humans At Sea Carey how Russians rescue a dog stuck on a piece of ice into the sea.

whose line is it anyway worlds worst dating service.

Posted August 29, by vahshatedil in Humour , Language. Leave a Comment. Ryan: wearing a ten-gallon hat decorated with a flower Have you got a head for deals? I know I do. Colin: wearing a bright green wig Do you hate people sneezing on the back of your head when you…? Steve: wearing a Noddy hat shakes his head to make the bell jingle Do you sometimes lose your tampons? Then put a… breaks off laughing.


Hats if you watch reruns because she admits was released in fort. View a series whose line loses its quality to whose line is it anyway? Oh, whose line is it this is targeting them and. Games, whose line is it anyway: we’ll be right back for older woman. Included: scenes from the original uk version of the world’s worst dating service everyone wonders just how much information to say, stiles, wayne brady talks. From the comedians ryan stiles: when they were so hit-or-miss.

Carey hopes his summer stint on ABC’s Whose Line Is It Anyway? turns In the hilarious and risque game of hats, the four performers don crown, helmet and coonskin cap to enact the world’s worst dating-service videos.

Skip to Content. Actors’ imitations of celebrities and each other can be stereotypical. Body size, excess or lack of hair, stature, and other physical characteristics can take a beating, as can lifestyle choices, faith, and cultural markers. None of the content is meant to be malicious, and everyone gets a good laugh from it. The cast members’ diverse talents are on display in every episode, and they aren’t afraid of setting up jokes at their own expense. Mock scuffles and injuries are common in the skits, and they’re all staged for laughs.

Innuendos and sex-related physical comedy are a central theme of the show. Use of “pornography” as a media genre in improv games is common, as are motions that suggest exposed genitalia, breasts, and butts. Some games lead to physical contact between the players, and they’re adept at making such exchanges seem sexually motivated.

Occasional usage of words like “damn,” “hell,” and “my God. Later episodes see the inclusion of guest stars where audience members’ participation used to be, and when visitors like Kevin McHale and Lauren Cohan stop by, their TV projects get a few plugs as well.

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